Life Insurance (No medical required)

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is an economical solution for fulfilling changing personal or business needs, such as covering a mortgage, protecting family finances in the event of the death of a key income earner, or protecting business finances for a specific period of time.
Term life insurance provides a fixed death benefit, for a fixed premium payment and period of time. The premium payments are guaranteed and remain level for a period of five, ten, fifteen or twenty years. Term policies can be renewed without providing evidence of insurability for subsequent fixed terms at increased premium amounts. Insurers offer a selection of competitively priced term insurance products to meet all your term protection needs.

Key features of Term Insurance:

Term Insurance is most often used as:

FamilySure™ Life Insurance

For more than fifteen years, many Canadian lawyers have been including a Familysure™ support life insurance quotation in their child support and spousal support files. With the breakdown of marriage, there often remains a financial commitment in the form of support payments. Familysure™ has one purpose – to protect those who depend on you. Familysure™ is designed to ensure there will be no financial interruption to the support recipients in the event of the untimely death of the support payor.

Clients like Familysure™ because:

Familysure™ offers valuable plan features:

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