Critical Illness Insurance (No medical required)

All of us are vulnerable to suffering from a sudden serious illness, such as a stroke, heart attack, or cancer. Critical Illness insurance, also known as living benefits insurance, can help lessen the financial impact that is frequently associated with a major illness or disability.

Critical illness insurance protects your family’s finances and lifestyle by providing a cash benefit that you can use as you wish, whether to assist with your medical expenses, or as savings for the future. It is particularly important to consider during key income earning years when a temporary or permanent loss of income would potentially have the greatest impact on lifestyle and personal or business finances.

Critical Illness Insurance features:

How it works

If you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness or condition and fulfill the required criteria for a benefit payout, your critical illness insurance policy will pay you a tax-free lump-sum benefit that you can use in any way you wish. For example, the benefit can be used to cover immediate living expenses, reduce or pay off debts, pay for medical treatments or other expenses related to your recovery, or be put aside as savings for the future. Once a critical illness benefit is paid, the policy terminates and coverage stops. Critical illness insurance should be considered as part of a complete life insurance portfolio.

PLEASE NOTE: The above represents a summary of possible benefits only and is not intended as a complete or current representation. Please refer to the Policy for specific details.

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