10 Reasons to Join the Chamber Plan

  1. No minimum company size. Your company is eligible to apply even if it’s a one-person operation. We offer two plan designs, one for groups under five employees and one for groups with five or more employees. We also offer complete flexibility for companies with twenty or more employees.
  2. No industry restriction. All for-profit businesses are eligible to participate in the Cambridge Chamber Plan as long as they are members of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Guaranteed Approval. With five or more eligible employees, you can choose options that guarantee coverage for you and your employees with no medical approval required.
  4. Guaranteed Renewable. The Cambridge Chamber Plan guarantees that your firm can renew coverage as long as you pay your premium each month.
  5. Rate stability. Claims are averaged over more than 300 companies just like yours. Higher-than-normal claims one year? No need to worry – you won’t be singled out for a higher price increase.
  6. Exclusive Cambridge Chamber representative for all Chamber members, with discounted administration costs, health and dental trend costs and excellent stop-loss coverage versus the industry norm.
  7. Fast, accurate payments. Most health and dental claims have a usual turnaround time of between one and 2 weeks. If you set your payments up for direct deposit to your bank account, this shortens the time to usually less than a week. We also offer drug cards for prescriptions and electronic dental claims submissions for instant turnaround times.
  8. You control the coverage. Every firm with five or more eligible employees participating in the plan can customize their group benefit program based on the coverage that the owner selects.
  9. Experience you can trust. BGM Financial has administered the Cambridge Chamber Benefit Plan since 1973. With over 100 years of combined experience in our office, we are able to meet all your needs and exceed you expectations.
  10. Outstanding local service. The Chamber Plan is locally administered through BGM Financial – which means when you have a question, a claim to process, or a change to make, all it takes is one quick call to our office. We’re here to help.

To learn more about how BGM Financial and the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Benefit Plan can help you protect your employees and your business, please contact our office.