5-Steps to Employee Benefits Programs

Step 1: Initial Consultation

A free initial consultation in which we assess your current benefit package, gather pertinent data and establish the goals you would like to achieve with your Employee Benefits Program.

Step 2: The Financial Analysis Audit™

A two part audit that encompasses an in-depth review all of the elements that make up your program:

Financial Elements

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the financial history of your account, which will highlight any surplus profit by the insurer.
  2. Review of your plan design to ensure level of competitiveness within the marketplace.
  3. Analysis of your current underwriting method versus alternative funding arrangements, such as: Administrative Services Only (ASO), Health Spending Benefits or Flex Benefits.
  4. Review of current administrative fees and reserves included within your contract.
  5. Full disclosure of the fee/compensation structure payable to your current advisor.

Plan Design Elements

  1. Evaluation of your disability contract.
  2. Review of your current prescription drug contract provisions, utilization and exposure to high claims.
  3. Assessment of insurance components to ensure protection against high-unexpected claims.

Step 3: Presentation & Recommendations

We present the results of our Financial Analysis Audit™, review each of the issues in detail and design a strategy to deal with each one. We outline the timeline required to implement our plan as well as any administration tools and resources that will ensure a seamless transition.

Step 4: Implementation

  1. Implementation of the strategies and tools agreed upon during the previous meetings
  2. Apply the most current and efficient administrative systems
  3. Discussion and review of BGM Financial’s Ongoing Service Commitment

STEP 5: Service & Annual Review

We make a commitment to you to service your Employee Benefit Package and review your progress on an annual basis to ensure you continue to maximize the return on the your investment.

Our ongoing services include:

  1. Complete market surveys every 3 years
  2. Quarterly claim updates
  3. Communication of changes in the marketplace
  4. Administration support & mediation

To learn more about BGM Financial’s Employee Benefits Programs, please contact our office.